Know about DAELIM

Found in 1978, Daelim Motor welcomed its 30th anniversary last March, 2008. For the last 30 years, Daelim Motor have made a commitment to maintain its position as a key competitor within the global motorcycle and scooter market. Daelim Motor commenced operation when a technical collaboration was struck with the Honda Motor Company of Japan which saw a small quantity of motorcycles assembled using Honda Motor Company supplied parts. From those humble beginnings, Daelim Motor has made continuous progress and today, their production line is fitted with hi-tech equipment capable of turning out 300,000 motorcycles and scooters annually. Daelim Motor is dedicated to providing motorcycles manufactured to the strictest quality standards and giving customers prompt, courteous after sales service.

Daelim Motor's research and development centre was established to bring Daelim Motor's technologies up to the level of other world-class manufacturers. The centres staff is devoted to developing new, state-of-the-art models through the use of advanced design and testing equipment.

Daelim Motors are determined to grow into a world-class motorcycle manufacturer that listens to our customers.