09 Jan 2013



Daelim Motors Australia is excited to announce the relaunch of the Daelim S1 for 2013! As part of the relaunch, Daelim is introducing NEW PRICE, NEW VALUE ADDING EXTRAS and to top it off a NEW COLOUR!!

Launched in to the market in 2010 the Daelim S1 has been a consistent seller in the marketplace. Powered by a liquid cooled  125cc Fuel Injected engine and featuring front and rear disc brakes the Daelim S1 is the ideal scooter for the daily commute! And is now available after price roll back to Australian customers for $2,990+ on road costs!!!

As an added bonus to customers who purchase the S1, with every purchase customers will receive FREE a genuine Daelim windscreen (RRP $199), SHAD 29l Top Box (RRP $129) and genuine Daelim hand protectors (RRP $99)!

“Daelim is a brand that has over 30 years manufacturing experience and hence represents high class quality and the S1 is a pure example this,” says Daelim National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

“As a model the Daelim S1 clearly out spec’s its competitors, with it’s 4 valve air cooled engine producing more power and torque than most 150cc scooters on the market and with a larger wheel size making for a smoother ride.”

“The S1 is also the only scooter in it’s class to feature both front and rear disc brakes to improve braking performance, Collins says.”

In addition to the price roll back and value adding scheme just launched in 2013, Daelim has now launched a new colour for the S1- red! And as we all know, red goes faster!!!

Including the new red colour, the Daelim S1 is also available in black, white and titanium.

“With the high quality build, price roll back and value adding windscreen and hand protectors now available the Daelim S1 is set to become a popular fixture on Australian roads nationwide,” says Alan Collins.

While relatively new in Australia globally Daelim Motors is a phenomenon and the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Korea.. Daelim factory puts a large emphasis on product development and with over 30 years experience is a global leader in technology. 

Annually Daelim manufactures 300, 000 bikes globally.