Founded in 1978, Daelim Motors is an established global leader within the motorcycle industry, known for inherent quality in each of its products. Since its foundation in 1978, Daelim Motors have made a commitment to maintain its position as a key competitor within the global motorcycle and scooter market.

Daelim Motors is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Korea, operating for over 30 years. This experience has allowed Daelim to a global leader in motorcycle technology and design. And with over 300, 000 bikes manufactured annually, Daelim already has an established global network distributing its vehicles, however this is continuing to grow.

Daelim was relaunched to the Australian market in 2010 by Mojo Motorcycles. Currently the Daelim product range consists of a unique range of scooters and a motorcycle. The year 2012 has seen Daelim flourish with increased brand awareness and more and more Australians relating the Daelim brand with quality, reliability and most importantly FUN!

The Daelim Factory commenced operation in 1978 when a technical collaboration was struck with the Honda Motor Company of Japan which saw a small quantity of motorcycles assembled using Honda Motor Company supplied parts. From those humble beginnings, Daelim Motors has made continuous progress and today, their production line is fitted with hi-tech equipment capable of supporting a fast growing global network.

With high quality build in each of Daelim’s modern designs, Daelim has been awarded the prestigious ISO9001 quality certificate.

Daelim Motors, in partnership with Mojo Motorcycles is dedicated to providing motorcycles and scooters manufactured to the strictest quality standards and giving customers prompt, courteous after sales service.

With a growing range, the Daelim brand will no doubt become an Australian household name over the coming years.